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Santa's Secret Gift
for ages 5-9


All day Friday the kids seemed to be walking on air because Christmas Eve had finally arrived. They put out cookies for Santa and then sat on Dad's lap for the reading of the Christmas story.

"Dad, why did Jesus come to earth?" Grace asked when Dad got to the gospel of Luke where the angels were singing to the shepherds about the birth of Christ.

"He came to pay for our sins," Dad said in a happy voice."

"How much did it cost, Dad?" Trace was anxious to know.

"It cost Him everything, son," Dad sighed.

"Then why are you happy?" they asked in confusion.

"Because God loved us enough to send His very own Son to bring us back into His fold. He is like a shepherd to us. We were once lost in this world, but when He finds us, and we truly believe and place our trust in Him, He will make sure that we will never get lost again. That is the promise that your mom and I have faith in."

While Dad continued reading the story, they slowly fell asleep in his arms.

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