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The Northern Woods Adventure
Advanced Reader for ages 7-11
2,500 words

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Page 19 from The Northern Woods Adventure

Their next stop was the Baptism River where Grannie Jannie had campground reservations at Tettegouche State Park. They wanted to carry the canoes up the trail and see if they could catch some trout for supper at the base of the High Falls. This breathtaking drop is Minnesota's highest waterfalls. The water races around the edge of the rugged rocks and propels itself into a 70 foot free fall before it crashes into the waiting pool below.

After getting their canoes set up on the river, Bart slowly drifted away from the group. It wasn't long before he and Eddie were snoozing like two hibernating bears. Herby, Slimey and Brandon were in another canoe having a contest with Brittany, Kari and Babbaran's canoe to see who could catch the most fish. The loser would have to clean all the fish for supper. At this point the boys were ahead.

Suddenly, the whole group was stunned into silence when they heard a loud commotion moving through the brush. To their amazement it was a massive moose that was coming out to cool down in the water. They watched in awe as the moose waded in up to his chest, took a drink and then slipped away.

Quickly, they got back to the fishing competition. It was all tied up now that Babbaran and Kari each had one on their line. Brittany grabbed the net and landed them both.

All this time Bart and Eddie drifted further and further down the river, basking in the sun, without a care in the world.

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