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The Great Train Ride
Advanced Reader for ages 7-11
2,500 words

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Bart flipped Turk a helmet, ran over to his motorcycle and jumped on board. He pulled the foot starter out and jumped down on it with all his might. The big machine shook in response to the tremendous weight. It gave out a big cough and a sputter, but it didn't start.

Turk gulped in fear as the danger of all that was happening began to sink in. He realized that if he went with Bart, he was about to embark on the ride of his life. He knew that Bart would probably need him, but his fear nearly stopped him right in his tracks. Bart twisted the handle, which primed the engine with gas. He turned around, gave Turk a little wink and said, "Get on, little buddy. This hog is about to explode."

Sure enough, on the next try the beast came to life, and there was a deafening roar. Bart held the throttle wide open and shouted, "Hang on, Turkey! We've got a train to catch."


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