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The Black Hills Adventure
Advanced Reader for ages 7-11
2,500 words

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The next morning Grannie Jannie woke everybody up early. She wanted to get into the Black Hills as soon as possible. After Bart's encounter with the angry eagle, he was quite subdued and eager to leave the area. The last thing he wanted to see was that huge eagle again.

Kari noticed Bart's sullen mood, so she decided to cheer him up. "Hey, Grannie," Kari said. "Let's go to Mount Rushmore first! Let's show Bart the awesome carvings of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln." When Grannie agreed, they all began to get packed up.

Once they arrived at the site, Bart wanted his picture taken in front of the huge monument. Kari, Herby, and Slimey gathered around while Grannie Jannie took the picture.

After they had their pictures taken, Grannie explained how Mount Rushmore was carved out of the hard granite stone by Gutzon Borglum. In 1927 he was commissioned to build this tremendous tribute to the great leaders of our country. It took 7 years of carving, spread out over a 14 year timespan and over 400 workers to finish this great wonder. The crew removed over 500,000 tons of stone before it was finally completed on October 31, 1941. Gutzon had died that spring, so his son Lincoln had to finish the task.


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