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Bad Bart's Revenge
Advanced Reader for ages 7-11
2,500 words

This book does not come in an Early Reader version

Sure enough, down at the ball diamond Kari and Herby were in the middle of a good game of baseball. Kari was batting and Herby had just pitched the ball. As the ball came over the plate, Kari swung as hard as she could, and you could hear the crack of her bat several blocks away.

"This is excellent!" Kari said, as she watched her long hit go towering towards the outfield wall. "Hey, Herby, let's see you catch up with that one."

"Wow!" Herby said to himself. "Kari can really hit that ball a country mile. I have to make tracks if I'm going to run that ball down."

Meanwhile, Bart heard the commotion and was hustling up to the fence. Maybe this was the opportunity he was looking for.


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