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Bart Becomes a Friend
Advanced Reader for ages 7-11
2,500 words

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"Yeah, maybe we should make a golf course out of it," Bart said. "Stand back. I can see it now! Welcome to Bart's Annual Garbage Golf Tournament. Hey, Herby, you'd better duck. Here comes a hole in one. Yeah, my problems are all over now."

"Bart, it's not anything against you. Our parents are just too busy. They've been working a lot of hours lately. We hardly even get to see them anymore. You heard them. They're trying to get their project done. We’ll figure something out, Bart. I promise! We're not going to rest until your problem is fixed," Kari said.

"Hey, Herby buddy," Bart whispered to his new friend. "That Kari's a pretty cool cat. Do you really think we can come up with a plan?"


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